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Perspectives on Self Healing

Contemporary post-industrial life has separated us from our original connections to the earth and intimate human groups—resulting, in my view, in much of our psychological and emotional symptoms and disorders.


My perspective about psychological well-being is that we were intended to be, and naturally are, whole beings. Our psychological and emotional disorders and dysfunctions are overlays that obscure our natural state. The mind/body systems are designed to regulate and heal themselves—if they receive the right promptings. From ancient sources of wisdom to the most recent knowledge in neuroscience, we are discovering the tremendous powers of the human mind, particularly that of the mind's capacity to heal itself.


Additionally, I have come to understand the importance of including the body in any kind of psychological and emotional healing. It is now universally understood that the mind and body form a continuum and that they cannot be separated from each other. And what is of equal importance is that each individual can learn how to access and work with their brain/body experiences in order to regulate and heal negative emotional patterns and trauma.


In sum: as an anthropologist, psychotherapist, and meditator, I have studied this self-healing mind over the years, and I am able to offer various modalities that enhance its potential. These include individual therapy, EMDR, integrated body therapy, and Buddhist meditation. 

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