I received my doctorate from UCLA in Anthropology, with an emphasis on cross-cultural psychology. My training as an anthropologist gives me a cultural and evolutionary perspective on the human condition. 


I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Extensive training in family therapy allows me to see the individual as part of a family system. This system is internalized and held in the nervous system of the individual, sometimes as traumatic experiences and painful memories, greatly affecting how the individual perceives him/herself, cognitively, emotional and physically.


A current major focus of my therapy practice is developmental trauma, which I treat using the widely acknowledged method of EMDR.  As a Certified EMDR practitioner I have found this modality very effective for post-traumatic stress and other conditions such as anxiety, phobias, and stress and panic attacks. I am currently an EMDR Consultant in Training.


This treatment approach complements and is compatible with Mindfulness Meditation.  I was trained in the University of Massachusetts’ Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program.


My personal background includes many years of practicing and teaching T’ai Chi Ch’uan under the tutelage of the well-known Master Yun-Chung Chiang.  This ancient internal martial art--a moving meditation--unifies mind and body in the process of regulating the flow of energy, producing a greater sense of calmness and vitality. Similarly, my training with Elaine Miller-Karas in Integrative Somatic Therapy has allowed me to include the body in the process of helping my clients restore their natural state of wellness.


A long-term student of Tibetan Buddhism, I have been teaching meditation for a number of years and have led meditation retreats in the San Jacinto Mountains. I have taught Buddhist Psychology at Antioch University and currently facilitate a Tibetan Buddhist study group. I regularly travel to Nepal and India for further study. I incorporate a Buddhist perspective in my psychotherapy with both individuals and groups, as a non-religious framework for a vital and happy life.


Other important parts of my personal history are that I am a mother and grandmother and a native New Yorker. 

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